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Tir Conaill Harps ladies was formed in 2021 as part of the clubs initiative to create opportunity’s for females within and outside our club. The club had once before fielded a ladies team but at the time the club where not in a position to provide the facilities needed to sustain the number of players needed to continue competing. However with the new board taking over in 2019 and securing Cambuslang Rugby Club as a new home base the club finally had the necessities to form the ladies team. The club made it a priority in order to give females the same opportunity’s as men to experience the great game of Gaelic Football. The new ladies team is also integral in allowing the girls from the youth section to be given the same pathway as the boys to progress into the senior teams when the time comes. Initially the target had been to have the team setup for the 2020 season but due to the pandemic this had to be put on hold for a year. However in 2021 the new ladies team took to the field for the first time. Under the stewardship of team manager Paul Doogan and coaches Kevin Maher and Aidan Main the ladies team will continue to grow and prosper and we can’t wait for the 2022 season to begin.

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